Essay on The Constitution Of The United States

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In the late 1700’s, in a meeting room in Philadelphia, a group of concerned citizens drafted an extraordinary document, one that would form the backbone of a new and prosperous nation. That document, of course, was the Constitution of the United States. The document was full of extraordinary principles, from a system of checks and balances, to the radical view that some rights are inalienable and self-evident. But the most extraordinary precept that the framers of the Constitution embodied in that document is that they knew that they did not know everything, and that they could not foresee everything. And so they included Article V, the process of Amendments, a method to change the very government in order to more closely reflect the will of the people. If the government is not operating the way the people think it should, there is a carefully mapped method to make a change. Terrorists, by their methodologies and their ideologies, stand in stark contrast to this time honored tradition. Terrorists use “premeditated and unlawful acts [and] threatened or actual use of force or violence against humans or property targets [with the intention] of the purposeful intimidation of governments or people to affect policy or behavior with an underlying political objective” (Martin 30). In essence, terrorists’ short-cut the Constitutional method in order to get their way on their terms in their timeframe. They use violence or the threat of violence to get their way. One of the…

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