Essay on The Constitution Of The United States Of America

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“I’m not following you,” Mary said.
“It’s nothing, just a little different. It’s certainly setting a different tone.”
President Birch basked in the applause, taking in the gravitas of the moment. He raised his hand to temper the exuberant welcome, and the delegates quieted down. “How do you fare?” William asked.
The delegates boomed in unison, “Hale and hearty, hearty and hale.”
“Hale and hearty indeed.” The President said. “It is my great pleasure to stand before you today. You have an important task ahead of you, a task that if effectively accomplished with inscribe your names in the annals of the American experience alongside the names of the great men who are our nation’s founder. We assemble here today to reconstitute the seminal document that frames the powers of our Federal Government – the Constitution of the United States of America. In so doing, we aim to ensure that no future tyranny arises from a President, Senators, Representatives, or Judges who comprise the three bodies of our national system of governance.’
‘America is and always has been a philosophical entity. Unlike much of the world whose evolution arose from the history of men who engaged in repeated civil war and tribal conflict, America’s evolution is a journey of ideas, founded on the principles and belief in natural order and natural rights. This is the basis for American exceptionalism. Today, we strive to enshrine those God-given rights into the document that forever frames the destiny of our…

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