The Constitution Of The United States Constitution Essay

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During a hot summer day in the middle of Philidelphia, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and the rest of the framers of the Constitution sat in a hot and crowded room with closed curtains and windows, mapping out a new system that would become the basis for the entire United States and that would forever change history and the lives of all current and future Americans. A question to ask, however, would be; did these framers intend for the United States Constitution to become what it has today? Over the course of hundreds of years, the Constitution has been interpreted, applied, and altered in numerous ways. What began as a simple rule for the country is now the single solid basis behind the entire country’s governmental system. With 27 amendments and a plethora of new programs and positions added in conjunction, it must be asked; did the framers intend for this to happen? My answer to this question is no, they did not. The US Constitution has changed since its founding through both judicial interpretation and amendment by adding provisions to the Constitution to simultaneously adapt with the changes the United States undergoes. The US Constitution began as a new form to replace the original constitution, the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was created as a form of government that would result in the power belonging to the people. The laws written were always thought of to be beneficial to the citizens and were not created with the purpose of giving the head…

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