Essay on The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

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Ever since the creation of the United States Constitution, our founding fathers insisted on establishing rules and regulations for the branches of government to abide by. The Constitution is a crucial piece of legislation that is important to the welfare of our country’s government. The purpose of the Constitution is to ensure that each branch of government which is known as the legislative, judicial, and executive branches all have equal powers. However, each branch is designated to a series of different tasks, no branch has more authority or power over one another. Throughout history there have been many occasions where Congress has not followed the Constitution and has taken on more power than it should. In the article called “CRS Report for Congress”, individuals and states have challenged Congress role in legislation. The article points out countless times where Congress has possessed too much power which caused turmoil and confusion in society. During those many events throughout the course of history the Supreme Court has intervened and interpreted the Constitution and the legislation. Concluding, that Congress has made countless errors in creating legislation and enforcing it onto society. Not only does the article discuss the powers of the three branches of government but also states ' power. States have the ability to create legislation in regards to their jurisdiction, and have sovereignty. However, states must abide by and respect court…

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