The Constitution Of The United States Bill Of Rights Essay

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Topic 1: Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights The Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights was written on the belief that the people governed within the new government deserved a basic protection of rights that no other organization could take away from them. With this belief, Thomas Jefferson conversed with George Madison on the importance of such a document. After agreeing, Madison chose 19 of the rights that would be later reduced to 10 by the states. This document provided the basic freedoms and liberties our forefathers envisioned for themselves when they broke away from the mother country. These rights include: freedom of speech, right to bear arms, conditions for quartering soldiers, regulated search and seizure, provisions concerning the prosecution process, right to a speedy trial, prohibited excessive bail and cruel punishment, rule of construction of the constitution and the rights of the states under the constitution. Also this document included provisions that prevented the descendants and family members of criminals to be punished for a crime that was not their own. Among those provisions the writ of habeas corpus was created, this guarantees that an individual cannot be imprisoned unjustly without probable cause. Not only did the Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights provide provisions protecting the people directly, it created provisions regulating the government to prevent a monarchy from emerging. The Constitution…

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