The Constitution Of The United Constitution Essay

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It has been hundreds of years since the U.S. constitution has first been introduced. The Framers wanted this country become one which people would have some basic individual rights and make sure it would not become autocracy. They wanted the constitution have a power to securing the blessing of liberty which means it would make sure that all the future generations will have at least the same freedom as that generation had. Because of this, founding fathers created the government with the idea of the separation of power. The Framers of the U.S constitution, in need of securing the blessing of liberty, laid the foundation of this government and affect the future generations successfully in building their political culture.
Society has changed a lot in these years but what people is pursuing has never changed. Even now, liberty is still the word that would appear in most of Americans mind when they were asked about what does America mean to them. The Preamble of Constitution showed that The Framers want to secure the blessing of liberty in the new constitution. Basically the whole constitution is trying to fulfill this idea. The reason why people nowadays still have the sense of liberty is all because of the Constitution. Liberty, or freedom, appears everywhere in people’s lives. Because of the first amendment, people can say and believe whatever they want as long as is law permitted. People can even petition the government,according to that. For example, in Article 1, section…

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