The Constitution Of The State Of Pennsylvania Essay

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Pennsylvania State Constitution
The current Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania was incepted on 1968. It was a significant revision of the 1874 Constitution, which is also regarded as a review of another revision. The state of Pennsylvania had its first Constitution in 1776, often described as American’s most Democratic Constitution. The innovativeness and enviable democracy portrayed by the constitution made it one of the most influential legislative documents in the world (Selsam, 1971). Many scholars and analysts believe that it had significant influences on the 1793 Constitution of the French Republic. The current document forms the laws and regulations governing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It consists of a preamble, eleven articles, and two schedules. Amendment of the State Constitution is only possible after a majority vote conducted in two consecutive sessions of the General Assembly, followed by an affirmative vote by the citizens. In the case of emergency amendments, the General Assembly carries out a two-thirds vote followed by an electorate 's affirmative vote. Before the enactment of the state constitutions, a book known as the Frame of Government laid the laws of the province of Pennsylvania for about a century. The book, scripted by William Penn, was released in the form of versions in 1682, 1683, 1696, and finally 1701. All the subsequent governing documents have relied heavily upon each earlier version, up to the current Constitution, which is…

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