Essay on The Constitution Of The Legislative Branch

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As a human, we must find the optimal speed for any and everything we do. This same idiosyncrasy is applied to the legislative branch, but as time has passed the idea for perfection has slowly faded away. At this point, we must ask ourselves if the legislative process allows Congress to properly address the needs of the nation. The citizens witnessing the legislative branch must evaluate if the legislative process is fulfilling the desideratum of this great nation. As a witness, I feel the legislative process allows the legislators to address the needs of the nation for the following reasons: there are two houses, president has the power to veto, and each committee has their own speculation. I fell the legislative process addresses the needs of the nation by having two houses in Congress. The main action Congress does is vote on bills. One of the earliest steps of making a bill is it must be approved by both houses. This step is never overlooked because this is where most bills eventually become “killed”. According to University of Chicago Law News, out of the 11,059 bills introduced to Congress, sixty-four percent of the bills were killed in either house or senate. Now, one may ask how this relates to addressing the needs of the nation, but this is actually one of the closest ways. In section 10.1 of Magruder’s American government book we learned about the structure of Congress. The book explains how each member of the House of Representatives represents their respective…

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