The Constitution And The Federalist Papers

1730 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Watching America grow throughout time as been a ferocious journey this semester, from learning just where America began, our founding fathers to the Constitution. Even with all this greatness there still seemed to be a particular unbalances in our system. With the Constitution we had based rules on how our country should look and behave, yet something was still missing. This huge shift of unbalance came from the views of our Federalist Papers. When opinions were brought together between the Constitution and the Federalist Papers; our government found its balance, in other words their happy medium. With the balance being fixed in the government there were four main topics that brought my eye to their attention. These topics are; checks and balances, executive authority, breaking and control of faction, and lastly judges tenure. These four topics brought great struggles to our government with what was right and what was wrong. Using the Constitution and the Federalist papers we get a bit of an inside look of just what it takes to keep our government and nation afloat. Starting with the checks and balances, we have the Constitution to explain how they viewed this and how their opinions worked so well. The Constitution explains just how checks and balances in a way control our government, with the checks and balances one branch is not allowed to have more power over the others. This helps keep the branches from going out of whack and throwing everyone off, if one branch per…

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