The Constitution : A Democratic And Modern Institution Essay

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An amendment to the Constitution requiring that seats in the House of Representatives be delegated by a party-list proportional representation system of elections, is necessary to enhance the democratic elements of the United States Government: particularly voter turnout, the creation of more political parties, and a more diverse electorate . Currently, the “Past the Post” style of elections in the United States has tainted the American democracy, and it is time that the country be required to move to a more democratic style of elections. With the passage of the newly proposed twenty seventh amendment, the House of Representatives could become, a more democratic and modern institution.

Every two years in the United States, there are elections for candidates who decide to run for a seat in the house of representatives. These newly members of congress are elected through their congressional districts by what is known as plurality vote(Logic 220). Through this plurality vote whichever candidate wins the most votes, earns the seat for their district. This type of electoral system is also called the “past the post” style of elections, and it has put a damper on the amount of parties able to form and successfully run for the seats in the house of representatives. This is because voters in a district have a single vote, and can only vote for a single candidate: and voters are more likely to vote for a candidate backed by one of the two major parties than one of a smaller third…

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