The Constant Desire For Delinquency Is A Passion That Many Criminologists Have Chased For Years

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Sierra Purden
CCJ 4700
Summer 2016
Assignment Three
Introduction: The constant desire to know what causes children to engage in delinquency is a passion that many criminologists have chased for years. Two of the most commonly known factors of such delinquent potential stem from a lack of educational advancements and a low income household or support system. These two independent variables change the likelihood of a student turning to mischievous deeds and activity. The dependent variable in this study, delinquency, is often experimented with in youthful ages, but is extremely more likely to occur when a student is struggling and school and has a lack of strong support in their household. The unit of analysis that has been studied to find these correlations is adolescent youths, usually between elementary grades 3-12 depending on the availability to the researchers and their experiments. This study is more of a cycle, as a lack of familial involvement and financial support leads to poor performance in school, poor performance in school leads to and increased chance for delinquent behavior.
Literature Review 1: In the study conducted by Yibing Li and Richard Lerner, data from the Study of Positive Youth Development was used to assess 1,977 adolescents across elementary grade levels 5 - 8 to define if there were distinctive developmental paths for behavioral and emotional outbursts. It also examined if these paths of delinquency varied in relativity to gender, race, and…

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