The Consolation Of Philosophy Analysis

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Boethius’ Knowledge Growth In The Consolation of Philosophy, by Boethius, Boethius writes about how Lady Philosophy helped him finally gain wisdom and see the truth of happiness. At the start of his imprisonment, Boethius was only thinking/writing through emotion, slowly he grew mentally and was able to develop a work that went from emotion to reason. Lady Philosophy gave him the stepping stones that he needed to be able to achieve what he has now. At the beginning of book one meter one, Boethius’ mind is clouded by the muses and he only sees himself in misery. “I who once wrote songs with joyful zeal Am driven by gried to enter weeping mode (Boethius 3).” Lady Philosophy appears as he is venting his sorrow away, she looks pristine and pure …show more content…
He is now thinking more with reason than emotion and asks intelligent questions or states relevant words to match Philosophy’s. Boethius explains his concerns about evil and its existence. That if Providence is able to see all/ know all that will happen, why is evil still in the world when it can be prevented? Philosophy then explains that everything truly happens for a reason, evil may not get “punished” through the naked eye, but its punishment is far greater than any others. Someone who does evil that now wants to seek virtue, will be punished for their wrong doings and now have the ability to redeem themselves, evil that does not see that it is doing evil, will stay in its path and will never be able to gain true happiness. People must seek virtue, for evil has no substance of power, but it is up to the person how they wish to view life and if they choose virtue versus evil. “It is in your own hands what fortune you wish to shape for yourself, for the only function of adversity apart from discipline and correction is punishment (Boethius 113).” Here Boethius is able to recognize why things happen the way that they do, and he can use this when he looks at all different aspects of

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