The Conservative Movement Of The Liberal Movement Essay

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The Conservative Movement arose to answer three major concerns. The first concern of the Conservative Movement was to repeal New Deal programs. Over the years this transformed into more of a fight against “big government” and New Deal programs were the central pillar of “big government”. The next goal of the Conservative movement dealt with the destruction of Communism and creating a foreign policy that exemplified this desire. According to the Conservative Movement, Communism was seen as a threat to America and the rest of world, and conservatives saw liberal foreign policy on Communism as weak and wanted to change US’s foreign policy to be more aggressive. Finally, the last concern of the Conservative movement was the continuance and protection conservative social values. Early in the movement, segregation was seen as a conservative social value that was to be protected. The federal government made segregation illegal and Conservatives used the argument that it was the state’s right to allow or deny segregation, not the federal government’s. As the movement continued on through the 1970’s however, more social issues moved into the arena of public debate, such as abortion, gun rights, and the Death penalty. The Conservative movement was born to fight the New Deal and Communism, while protecting conservative social values. The initial reason for the creation Conservative movement, the New Deal, proved to be a strong unifier of various conservative factions in the US after…

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