The Conservative And Radical Changes Park Essay

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Charlotte Brontë, one of the most famous Victorian women writers, has inspired many with her writing of the novel Jane Eyre to produce adaptations of their own. The idea of combining Jane’s story and the concept of orphan-hood with more modern elements stimulated Patricia Park to retell the classic in her novel Re Jane, which was written from the perspective of a contemporary half-Korean, half-American young woman in New York City. This essay will use the two novels to analyze the conservative and radical changes Park makes to either reaffirm Brontë’s subversive arguments or modify them. Both Brontë and Park portray their respective female protagonist in a way that promotes freedom and independence in their pursuit of happiness. It speaks to the social issue of identity and each Jane’s path in figuring out who she is and what kind of person she wants to be. Family, culture, religion and love play a major role in its influences and implications throughout the novel, especially in shaping Jane Eyre and Jane Re’s identity and in the decisions they make. A person’s identity is the totality of one’s self-construal, in which one construes their characteristics, beliefs, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. These aspects start developing during childhood, therefore, a person’s family and how they grew up has great significance to how he/she socializes. In Jane Eyre, John Reed states, “You have no business to take our books; you are a dependant, mama says; you have no money; your…

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