Essay on The Conservation Of Wildlife Conservation

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Wildlife Conservation Multiple communities, habitats, environments, and ecosystems all coexist with each other to form our planet, Earth. Included in these communities, habitats, environments, and ecosystems are thousands of different species. These species, over centuries, have developed symbiotic relationships with each other as a way of survival. In other words, this “Circle of Life” has been established and for centuries has been effective enough to sustain Earth’s species. However, what happens when one of these relationships turns parasitic? What happens when a foreigner invades a habitat and damages the relationships established by the species? Humans are one of the most egocentric species. Their main concern is getting the resources they need to fulfill all their needs and tend to ignore the affect it has on others. Life on Earth had existed millions of years before human life had appeared, and now humans can be seen as a burden to not only Earth, but also its creatures. One to two percent of species have gone extinct as of the year two thousand not to mention those who are endangered and on the brink of extinction. This extinction caused mainly by humans. These causes including poaching and exploiting resources in a habitat. One to two percent may seem like a small amount, however, one never stops to think the impact the extermination of these species has on a habitat. In Caroline Williams’ article, Golden Opportunity, the author explores the affect the…

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