The Consequences Of Wildlife Trafficking Essay

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WildOne consequence of wildlife trafficking that criminalization would contribute in constraining is the compromised safety of the public. Diseases are likely to spread from invasive to native species, zoo species to zoo species, zoo species to humans and anywhere in between (McCarty, “Inside”). This can lead to new outbreaks and cause strain on the veterinarians and doctors that need to care for the spike in infected patients. Many animals from foreign countries can bring diseases that either are uncommon here or absent (Wyatt 43). This can lead to outbreaks or a pandemic if doctors are unable to pinpoint a disease and apply the necessary treatment.
When the conditions these animals face are brought to light and the effect wildlife trafficking has on the economy threatens security and safety, criminalization is shown to be the best solution to countering it. Some say that criminalization is a breeding ground for black markets to pop up. However, regulation creates the cover for black markets to hide behind (Wyatt 107). With regulation, the trade and connections are already in place, this allows an easier time for criminals to secretly steal from the company or change the amount of animals sold to an illegal amount or cut corners when animal welfare is concerned. With regulation in place, rather than criminalization, the offenders are able to provide a legitimate front, while doing illegal work and are better able to protect themselves from punishment. Criminalization would…

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