How To Be Violent Video Games Essay

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Violent video games, we all seem to be entertained by it, but they shouldn’t be played by everyone. And by “Not Everyone” I mean our children. In other words, we should be cautious what our children are playing. We should ban these games from being exposed to young children since they are easy to access, also they are turning kids violent, and affecting their minds mentally by decreasing self-control. We should stop this epidemic of accessing such negative games to our children before the consequences become severe. With the desire of playing such violent video games. A Surveys of 1,102 kids by the Palo Alto Medical foundation have shown that “97 percent of kids had played video games in the past day” (Norocia). Those playing with the video games is not the issue. But the …show more content…
As self-control have shown signs of decreasing due to video games. It is another factor that parent’s should monitor what their kids are playing. As in regard to such topic , “ For example, in the Grand Theft Auto video games players can steal cars, have sex with a prostitute (then kill her afterwards to get their money back), and kill other characters in the game (including police officers)” (Bushman) Show’s how negative events this games are showing our kids. As later on he explains that no punishment is being made for such bad actions. As it doesn’t help self-control and in reality it is being decreased from the child itself. Another reason why parents should be aware of what their kids are actually playing. As we dig deeper into discussion of this topic, we see how these games are actually damaging to our children. Again, we should ban these games to prevent them being exposed to young children because of their easy access and the way they convert kids into becoming violent. These games as well change children’s minds by decreasing their self-control. We, the people should grow more aware of this issue before it’s too

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