The Consequences Of Unauthorised Labor

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“Everyone has the right to work, the right to equal pay for equal work and the right to a decent income and working conditions” as stated by Universal declaration of Human Rights. Majority of us often proceed with our lives without giving a second thought to what might happen if someone completely rob our freedom of speech refraining us from fighting for what we love. Fighting for what we believe in. The very thing that thrives us forward. We often take it for granted that most of us have the freedom to peruse something we love or the fact that our basic human rights are protected by the law. We are fortunate enough that we have the ability to rely on the law to defend us if injustice occurs upon us. Reality is that not everyone receives the …show more content…
One of the most undetected approach is employees being overworked and underpaid for their labour. All over the globe, thousands of innocent employees are being slowly drained the life out of their fatigue bodies. Poor soul’s unconsciously worn down by their labour are being sold to the devil without even being recognized. Working for extensive time periods can cause severe consequences for family, health and will negatively impact quality of life. Thus, neither devil nor workers gains the victory. People are forced to work beyond their capable limits, far-reaching hour’s inorder to avoid poverty, starvation and to ensure their fundamental needs are fulfilled. Majority of us earn an adequate salary that allows us to settle our everyday expenses. However, the underprivileged carry these high living costs like heavy weights on their shoulder, yearning for help, wistful when they can be free of this burden that created a struggle to survive. Not many of us feel as if they must wake up day after day only to fight another battle with the devil and conquer our worst fears. Nothing more than to avoid homelessness and to sustain life. It’s disheartening that people survive to prevent starvation when instead they could be living. An excellent example is some factory workers in Bangladesh peruse to work long hours, days, weeks without even being paid for overtime labour, suffers from poor working environments but powerless to take an action. Does suffering and mistreatment end there? No! In China, the maximum overtime hours per month limits to 40 hours. But an investigation has discovered high labour intensive working environments where Chinese Apple factory workers are pressed to illegally work excessive long hours for low salary rates exceeding the legal limits. Isn’t this violation of labour rights? What happened to “The Occupational Health and Safety Act aims to provide for the

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