The Consequences Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Register to read the introduction… She begins to blame society for her misfortune and desires that are not acquirable by using the Devil as justification. The false accusations and chaos that ensues is much like the McCarthyism scandal of the 1950s. Senator Joe McCarthy, leader of the House Committee on Un-American Activities began as a result of communistic scares in the United States after WWII. The job of HUAC was to hunt and expose guilty people of having relations or feelings for communists. The “witch hunt” of the 1950s resulted in the death of several people along with suffering on the part of many others. McCarthy condemned those he found to be guilty similar to those associating with the Devil during Salem. While some praised the investigation of communists, others deplored and found it disgusting. Those that disapproved of the irrational convictions were questioned the validity of McCarthy and began to lash back. Eventually, his fraud would be exposed and his reign of terror, put to an end. However, in Salem the opposite happened. In fact, the “McCarthy”s of Salem won and it was not until killing people equivalent to the presidential status were dead did the fiasco …show more content…
During the Salem witch trials, Abigail convicted many innocent people of dealing with the Devil. The smallest relevance to the Devil, including Mary Warren’s doll with a needle in it, was used as substantial proof of association. Not many had the willpower to challenge her out of fear and those who did were convicted. After WWII, in response to the growing concern of communistic penetration in the United States allowed for unsubstantial accusations in government. Joseph McCarthy, like Abigail began accusing people and changing lives for worse. The most contemporary act of diabolism is seen with the reaction to the 9/11 attacks. Anybody seen with Arabian Islamic features and wearing turbans are subject to suspicion in the United States, even though it is considered socially and morally

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