The Consequences Of The American War In The Vietnam War

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“It was at that moment, America knew, they fucked up”. The Vietnam war was not just any ordinary war. To this day, there is still a lot of controversy over the United States’ involvement in the war overseas in a communist dominated country. There is definitely hatred and regret of the people that watched it all live in their homes; as well as the soldiers that went through the scarring experience themselves. It will be probably never be fully understood why America decided to take part in the war, yet one thing can be said for sure. Not everyone has forgiven our decision to do so.
The U.S. didn 't understand what they were really getting into. Politicians thought it was going to be as it was in the Korean War. North Korea became a communist
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This was the first time a war was publicized on national television. Americans witnessed the awful conditions that were happening on in Vietnam. “The first ‘living-room war,’ as Michael Arlen called it, began in mid-1965, when Lyndon Johnson dispatched large numbers of U.S. combat troops, beginning what is still surely the biggest story television news has ever covered” (Hallin). As the 19 years of combat went on, more events became viral. Witnessing the difficult conditions in which the soldiers were in was tough for the family members back home. The amount of Napalm bombs dropped and the abundant amount of Agent Orange sprayed questioned the United States warfare tactics and the war in general. On TV, people witnessed the bloody dead bodies of American soldiers, Vietnamese, but most of all, people who witnessed the My Lai Massacre have it mentally scarred in their minds. “On March 16, 1968, hundreds (various estimates range between 347 and 504) of elderly people, women, children and infants were murdered by more than 20 members of ‘Charlie’ Company”(Congrove). People were outraged when they discovered the massacre months later. Children and the elderly were shot. Women were raped first and shot afterwards. Two young girls “were found inside their homes lying naked, their vaginas appearing to have been savagely ripped

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