The Consequences Of Telecommuting

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I would take a course of action related to job sharing and flexible-work schedules, which could help with women wanting to peruse both a career and family life. These benefits can be offered to employees who don’t have children as well, to prevent biases. These types of employee schedules could enhance productivity by giving the associates my control over their time. Job sharing would help prevent burnout for those who are feeling overwhelmed. This too could acquire satisfaction among employees and promote teamwork. Telecommuting can be effective if the individual is self-disciplined and has a quite work space, free of distractions. I don’t see this motivational strategy being very affective because, it would isolate employees from their peers and could …show more content…
Children can be costly, so I’d like to get a head start on paying off debt and having more money to invest in my family later on. Establishing a career would also be a priority. After some time with a career, seniority and security will be established, which would ensure paying off any debt and a mortgage. If my spouse opposes with me on some aspects then, we would compromise. Factors that I would be willing to compromise on are when to buy a home and how long after establishing a career would we be willing to have children. Daycare would be another consideration of work/home balance. While entering the career field, I would look for firms that emphasize job flexibility and employee satisfaction. These benefits would allow my family to save money on daycares by allowing us to be at home more with the children. An equal work/home balance would be working a standard nine-to-five job, for myself as well as my partner, and my children be involved in an activity after school, whether it be sports or academics. That way my family could be together at dinner time, communicating around the dining table while weekends would be reserved

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