The Consequences Of Teenage Substances

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The ghastly stench of alcohol and drugs reeks throughout the house of a once functional family. The stench comes from the room of a previously innocent, teenage boy who lies intoxicated on the ground of his room, surrounded by bottles of beer and cigarette buds. Meanwhile, the formerly virtuous, teenage girl who lives right across the hall is trying on revealing miniskirts and strapless dresses, wanting to dress in a that she thinks is stylish and chic. Could it be that hormones play a role in the choices that these teenagers make? It has been proven from multiple scientific studies that hormones play a significant role in assisting in the erroneous choices that teenagers enact on. However, there are those who believe that decisions made by …show more content…
“Adolescents’ judgment can be overwhelmed by the urge for new experiences, thrill-seeking, and sexual and aggressive impulses. They sometimes seem driven to seek experiences that produce strong feelings and sensations” (Frye). The urge for these sensations caused by hormones leads teens to commit actions and produce decisions that are atrocious. These horrid choices being made provides teenagers with the thrill that their hormones crave for while the teens, themselves, do not consider the consequences to their actions. A significant, real-world example of this according to the article, “Teenage Hormones, Sexuality and Mental Health” is that teenage hormones causes one feel more impulsive and more inclined to take risks, like experimenting with drugs or alcohol (Teenage Hormones, Sexuality, and Mental Health). Hormones produce the feeling of impulsiveness in teens to try something that is highly dangerous to get a thrill out of it such as with the experimentation and the use of drugs and alcohol which may lead to consequences such as jail time or possibly even death. The urge hormones have for taking risks leads teens to make erroneous choices such as that. Nonetheless, hormones do not always directly cause a decision to be created. They can instead drive the concerns of

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