The Consequences Of Teen Suicide

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Suicide has become the answer to many teens temporary problems. No matter how hard things are going in a teen 's life, they should never come up with the conclusion that committing suicide will solve their problems. Being a teen should be some of the happiest times of a teenager’s life, and not the time of wondering can they make it another day. These three areas are a few ways that may cause a teenager to commit suicide bullying, substance abuse, or peer pressure.
The first area that may cause a teenager to commit suicide is being bullied, almost every teen has endured an incident of their own, once in their lifetime. Today, we live in a world where things are constantly posted on the internet whether its intel or not, once it 's posted for
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Peer pressure is something that every teen deals with growing up, whether if it’s in a school setting or within a group of friends. Almost every teenager has been peer pressured into doing something they weren’t comfortable with or something out their element. Peer pressure can lead a teen to commit suicide if they are pressured into being something or someone they are not. Being different can sometimes be a problem for people because they would rather you be a plane jane than to be someone unique. For example, someone who may have been nice their whole life can become a bully. They’ll end up regretting all they have done or said to their victim, and would rather take their life than deal with the consequent of how they made others feel. Another cause of peer pressure that can lead to suicide is, being pressured into having to fit in. The pressure of fitting in with their peers can sometimes call for stupid mistakes to be made that they’ll regret forever. Being pressured into trying to fit in can cause a teen to start using and abusing drugs, it can cause a behavioral problem, and ultimately cause a teen to become depressed. Fitting in may sound good at the time, but it 's best for teens to find a group of friends or peers that will accept them for who they are, and are not willing to change them. Also, being pressured into having sex is another thing that can cause a teen to commit suicide. The peer pressure of having to have sex in high school or as a teen is something every guy and girl goes through. No matter how they may fell about the situation, being a virgin as a teen is something people make fun and find uncool. Although many teens still take pride in being able to still be a virgin, it can sometimes backfire on them. Whether if it’s for religious or personal reasons, no teen should ever be put in a situation where they must decide if they are comfortable with it and won 't regret

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