Cause And Effect Essay On Racism

Racism affects different cultures all across the world. Everyone in the world today is labeled, even though we all suffer from the same thing. Racism is defined as discrimination against a person based solely on their race. Many people are not aware of how much still exists in our schools, work places, and societies.

Many people believe that the main reason why they may or may not get in trouble with the law is because of their skin color. Susan Stelly once said, “You get more benefits when you 're white”. In some aspects this is true, but it is more likely to not be. The law doesn 't care about what your skin color is, if you broke the law then you 'll most likely face consequences, most officers decide whether they will give you a ticket
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Susan Stelly said, “If you don 't look at a person based on who they are as a person then anyone would suffer from racism.” Even if we all get racist remarks there are few people who will stand up and say something about it. Linda Aaron believed that if she was to see an individual being degrading towards another race she would “Keep walking, because that 's not my business”. We need to realize that racism is a problem and it needs to be stopped. A race or skin color doesn 't define who you are as a person. There are people of all races who break the law, and people of all races who don’t. You can’t choose your race, and you should be able to celebrate your race and culture however you choose to. What do people of different races do to deserve the pain others put them through? There is unfair treatment of minorities to this day, and it needs to be stopped. If we’ve learned anything from our history books, it’s that race has always played a role in determining the worth of a person, and what right they should have. This should have nothing to do with the modern age, it is time for a change. If people started to stand up for what they believe in, racism could fade

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