Why College Students Plagiarize Essay

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Why do college students plagiarize? The answer to this question might be that it’s easy to obtain information from the internet and make it seem like it’s their own. Other reasons are lack of research skills, lack of time and not knowing how to cite sources properly. The average college student attends school full time and works part time. With a family, it can be difficult to manage time wisely, especially when college students have other classes to think about. Students may consider that copying and pasting here and there will not matter, but it does. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any part of the education process; not only does it steal somebody else’s idea, but it can affect the students’ academic record, possibly causing the student to no be permitted from entering college. Plagiarism is a major problem among college students, and it can lead to serious consequences.
It may be true that plagiarism is wrong, but some students still believe it’s good to use other people’s idea because they say if the data already exists on the internet why should they be stressing out coming up with new ideas. It also helps them finish the essay
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This is stealing as they are taking credit for other people’s thoughts. Plagiarisms promote a practice for college students to take the easy way of doing their essays, of just copying other people’s hard work. If students are caught plagiarizing, the professor can include a lower grade in their essay, failing the course or dismissal from there college institute. For instance, when my wife was going to college, she told her friend how a student got expelled from UTPA because they go lazy and just started copying phrases from a book to their essay. This is a case on how plagiarism can effect a student in

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