The Consequences Of Overpopulation

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Have you ever thought about what will happen when we no longer have space on Earth for the next generation? Do you think people would start tumbling off the Earth, or have 20 people per a household, or not being able to walk outside without tripping over a fetus? These options are a little extreme, but this idea is called overpopulation, which is an unwanted situation where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth. As of recent research we have about seven billion people on this earth. In the last century we have grown at a very swift pace, gaining about 200,000 people a day or 140 babies per a minute! With our population rising so hasty, many resources are being depleted, such as, food, water, money, space, and many other resources. Of all the consequences of population growth, overpopulation is the most affected and crucial one. …show more content…
Each person contributes by either having children, being a person in this world, or helping better our medical facilities. Currently the population’s birth rate outnumbers the death rate substantially, by 200,000 babies a day to be exact. With the death rate and birth rate not breaking even we are growing our population daily. Being a person has contributed to overpopulation because you are one of the many individuals that has caused a shortage of space, food, water, and money. Then finally, advancing medical research and creating a more efficient medical environment causes more individuals to be healthy and alive. Which results in a lower death rate and in the end harms us and our Earth. Overcrowding is another consequence of over population. Overcrowding normally occurs in big cities with many advancements to contribute to the

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