The Effects Of Multitasking On The Virtual World

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In a world filled with tidbits of information and small innovative devices to keep people content for hours, not much thought is given to the harmful results of technology being a primary component of society. The teenagers and toddlers of today are exposed to a vast array of informative and superfluous information that can affect their future in many ways. Individuals must be more selective in technology usage to prevent an over-reliance on the virtual world, decreased human empathy, and negative psychological effects.
People who consume more of the virtual world tend to cut short the time they could spend in the real world, gaining new experiences and learning new things first-hand. Lowell Monke, who teaches an advanced computer technology
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Multitasking is a common habit gained from technology usage. In a research project, results showed that the participants only spent six minutes on a task before switching between them, mostly because of social media distractions (“Generation Z”). Many people may think the ability to multitask is good. However, when carried to the extreme, it is detrimental. This juggling of tasks leads multitaskers to have trouble concentrating on their work and also prevents them from gaining deeper understanding of the information received (Wolpert). Thus, without being aware of the destructive nature of technology, people will be handicapped by their multitasking habit, unable to finish a task efficiently. In the brain, there are long-lasting effects as well. Normally, humans can only process one stream of information with ease. Multitasking can rewire brains to make people able to handle multiple wells of information. Along with this, humans tend to respond with primitive impulses at new challenges and ideas. According to Matt Richtel, “the stimulation provokes excitement – a dopamine squirt – that researchers say can be addictive. In its absence, people feel bored.” Technology is an easy way to allow more production of dopamine into the human body. However, this can lead to increased stress and can worsen short-term memory. People’s brains are also affected by the …show more content…
However, it can also lead to people being too dependent on it to satisfy their needs. It also creates a situation in which human beings forget how to relate to one another. As people grow more used to new innovations to make their lives easier, they slowly push out basic values and emotions in order to accommodate to a virtual life. Instead of succumbing to the power of technology, people should manage their schedule, balancing their digital time with social interactions and first-hand experiences to retain their human essence. If society does not control and limit technology usage, Generation Z, the teenagers and children of today, will have a harder time finding success in the

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