The Consequences Of Mens Rea, By William Golding

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Seen throughout history, humans of all ages and sizes have been culprits of murder. Even children as young as the age of ten have been raised in neighborhoods that were so harrowing that homicide at that age was seen as a normality. In order to punish these young children that have sought to commit the acts of murder, new laws had to have been passed. One major law introduced was one passed by “…the Illinois Legislature...[who passed] a bill permitting 10-year-old children to be charged with murder and – as “super predators” – sent to maximum-security jails” (Text 1). Before laws like these were ever passed, authors such as William Golding portrayed the sadistic ways of humans that are even possessed by children of the ages of eight to twelve. …show more content…
For Ralph, the lawyer can argue that, in the means of Mens Rea, Ralph was not mentally sane at the time in which the charged offense occurred. He was suffering from starvation, anxiety, and simply put, he was stuck on an island with no parental guidance. As the child he is, the lack of parental guidance could have greatly assisted in his inability to understand what he was doing at the time of the crime. As seen in Text 4, the twelve-year-old boy named Lionel that murdered another playmate claimed, “he was [only] imitating wrestling moves” (Text 4). This proves that children, when lacking parental supervision, can act upon in savage-like ways due to their inability to know what is actually deemed okay in society. As related, this would deem either for a case of legal insanity or a state of diminished capacity, allowing for most charges to easily drop. If the court of law accepts this, it would show clear proof that Ralph should not be convicted for this dreadful crime due to the obvious scenarios. When accepted by the court, Ralph would be found as “not guilty by reason of insanity,” allowing for Ralph to return back into society after thirty days of Forensic Evaluation. Relating back to the debate, some people also believe that Ralph should be found as “guilty” for the murder of Simon. This idea can be easily denounced due to the lack of supporting

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