Junk Food Persuasive Essay

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America is one of the countries that are overpopulated with overweight people. Maybe one of the reasons why is because people can’t stop eating the food they love, which are the ones that are very unhealthy. People have so little interest when it comes to healthy food, but yet go bananas out of nowhere when they get it all of sudden hungry when they see junk food. A reason why people just eat to eat is that they are addicted to eating junk food all the time. The texture of the food is what drives them eager to love it even more. Our main weakness is salt and sugar; the craving for it makes not care about our possible consequences for our health. The advertisement is one of the biggest propaganda to make the consumer want to spend all its money on junk food. The texture of the food is what we consumers look for when we buy products. One of the main things we learn in elementary is how to use our five …show more content…
We can’t resist saying no to junk food. Junk food is under three categories’ of is made off. First one is salt, within the chips, rice, almost everything we eat. If it doesn’t have salt it tastes plain or dry, more like cardboard feeling. People need to put salt on their fries, meat, and anything that taste plain. Why, because in the article of Junk Food, says that our salvias right of way give that feeling of melting in your mouth. Second is the sweet taste of sugar when it comes to cereal like fruit loops or Jack Frost. Nothing is better than to order a dessert after eating a dish one of your favorite restaurants. Making people believe that maybe the calories can melt just like that. In physiology, people think they can eat whatever they desired without taking consideration for our health. A lot of people think junk food won’t gain much or it will go down the waste when using the bathroom. Another thing is when some people have the knowledge of junk food and they will still attend to eat

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