The Consequences Of Human Trafficking In Today's Society

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Human Trafficking
Abducted from her driveway Debbie, "a fifteen-year-old girl, is a middle child in a close-knit Air Force family from suburban Phoenix, and a straight-A student” (, 2006). “Debbie is the last person most of us would expect to be forced into the sex trafficking” (, 2006). She got a call from one of her friends saying she was outside her house, so Debbie went outside to meet her friend and greeted her with a hug as everything was okay, but instead, she was shoved into the car with the men (, 2006). One of their abductors threatens Bianca to tie Debbie up binding her hands together and covering her eyes, mouth, and threaten to kill her if she screams (, 2006). “Debbie said her abductors drove her around the roads of Phoenix for
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A decade has passed by, and our country is still facing major problems with hidden slavery. Trafficking in persons has become the new form of modern day slavery in today’s society. This new modern day slavery violates a victim 's human rights and takes away their freedom, trust, and security. Although the freedom we have as U.S. citizens, human trafficking is a serious global issue that has been overlooked. This issue has increased drastically in the United States and is in need of awareness and attention of the world. Citizens of the United States are unaware that human trafficking exists today. The media only portrays trafficking of individuals as an issue that only happens in third world countries, but most victims are trafficked into the United States. The United States Department of Justice reports that human trafficking occurs in nearly every state in the nation. According to Hepburn and Simon (2010), the United States is one of the top destinations for trafficking victims and also has been reported in 91 cities across the country. Happens in over majority of cities in the United

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