How Did Truman Lose The Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

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President Harry S. Truman was just sworn in as the President of the United States when he got the appalling news about the newly made atomic bomb that Roosevelt has been planning to use to cease the war and that it could destroy a whole city within seconds. The bomb called “Little Boy” was not so little after all. This is the bomb that ended up killing over eighty thousand people who were in its proximity. On August 6th, 1945, President Harry Truman made a “difficult” decision to bomb Japanese city Hiroshima. Harry Truman recently became president days before this decision was made. Truman had two options; bomb Hiroshima or “Operation Downfall”. Both plans lead to disastrous outcomes, but the bombing had a better impact on the world.
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Japan had no idea that the United States had this bomb, but even if they did know I still think Japan would not have surrendered without putting up a fight. In Document 3, Martin J. Sherwin expresses his conflicted emotions towards this circumstance and how he feels that the United States and President Truman had other alternatives to end this war. The first alternative was an unconditional surrender and allow the Japanese to remain the same. This would make the war have no meaning to all of the deaths that died for a change in this world. Japan would remain with their same morals and over the years the deaths they have caused within their own country would increase over the years so we might as well drop the atomic bomb. The second alternative was a moratorium of bombings after August 8th because that was the final day Stalin would remain silent during the war; he would manage his agreement to enter the war if the Japanese did not surrender three months after Germany’s surrender. Stalin entering the war was not a solid guarantee of winning and ceasing the war. What if Stalin did not succeed? What would be the next alternative after that? Sherwins third alternative was to isolate Japan hoping they would surrender. This alternative is similar to the plan Operation Downfall because it includes isolation, blockade, and an onslaught by sea and air strength. This alternative …show more content…
One thing that it is great for is the employment rate in the US. The making of the bomb required over sixty five thousand new jobs in the United States, granted they did not know what they were actually making. Truman stated in his White House Press Release, “Employment during peak construction numbered 125,000 and over 65,000 individuals are even now engaged in operating plants.” President Truman even reassured the people that this is a safe job to be working. This is also going to start a new era in the world with all of this new technology we have achieved. We have gained knowledge from this experience, but not only about the technology segment, but also the reverberations and the positives of using this bomb. We are now prepared for any country who declares war with our advanced

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