Global Stratification By Andersen

Social inequality is one of the biggest issues the world encounter now days. Some countries are getting richer at the profit of other countries and some other countries are getting poorer due to the extreme exploitation of other countries. Andersen describes in his book on chapter nine “Global Stratification,” how many countries are getting extremely powerful due to the exploitation of resources from others countries.
Just Like social classes, there are also upper class countries, middle class countries, and lower class countries. The United States in this case are part of the upper class countries, also known as the “core” Countries. Global inequality is being practiced by those core countries. They use those lower classes countries in order
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As Andersen described “this exploitation in turn, keeps them from developing and perpetuates their poverty.” (208) Social inequality also involves race. Andersen argues in chapter nine that most of the poor nation involves the people of color and the wealthy nation involves white. This is also determined as social discrimination because the people of color are put away, and are not recognized for their potential. If the wealthy nation was helping equally the poor nations, many countries will leave any thought of hunger, lack of job, infant mortality, lack of education, and so on. But because they want to use the lower class nation they increase the cheap labor rate. Cheap labor is usually found in non-western countries. The exploitation of cheap labor has created a poor and dependent workforce where most people of color work. The profit accrues to the wealthy owners, who are mostly white, resulting in a racially divided world. (Andersen 208) Those rich countries can’t use their own population for their production because the labor is heavily expensive in their country and the economy will drop down. However, they use poor country who needs money because labor is cheaper. Social inequality pushed the core countries to send jobs overseas and thus those exploited countries tend to migrate in thinking that all the work is inside, which leads the economy to drop because everyone needs to be

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