The Consequences Of Genocide In The World

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he holocaust was a time in history that would and should never be forgotten,but instead be used to learn from the mistakes of it all. There is an important and great purpose to not let the memorious of six million jews and non jews be forgotten and counted as some statistic number. Also one has to know that all the deaths and tortures that occurred to the jews and many other people that were not even jewish. You could ask” why were those people chosen?’ , it was because they were either disabled,gypsy or other races that were not blue eyed blond and christian. Which is why it is important to not let or continue others be mistreated or even killed or wrong thought of just of how they look or their religions and beliefs, but to be judged of their actions. Thats till something the twentieth century needs to still work on, but it 's been known and passed down to generations that singling out a specific person/people.
Genocide can happen again in the present life.Although the chances of genocide happening again are not impossible. but it will never compare to what adolf hitler brought upon the jewish people. The reason why it won 't be so as an awful magnitude as before is because the world won 't stand for it, and be bystanders to allow the killings. That wasn 't the same as back then during the holocaust. By saying how it
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Also you could say “why didn 't the jewish people fight back and resiste ?” . Which is another lesson is passed down to generations of fighting back and standing for what 's right but it wasn 't as easy as it was for the jewish people, since they had to fight back to the german government ,government police known as Nazis and fellow neighbors. The reason for neighbors is that the time of genocide brought friends and family against each other as a to be seen as tickets for rewards for those who ratted you out of being

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