The Consequences Of English Language Essay

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Some of the consequences of English language being dominant were identified in an article by Mustapha (2014). They are the linguistic and communicative inequality. English Language has created a barrier or hierarchy amongst citizens of Nigeria. We have the elite group who speak “queen’s English”, some who speak “Nigerian English – pidgin” and others who cannot speak English at all. It now becomes difficult to interact with people who are not in your class thereby making English fail at its role of being a medium of communication.
One of the reasons why indigenous languages are not prominent in the country is because little effort is being put into the teaching of these languages in schools for a very long time (Urevbu 1984). The colonial masters also didn’t help the situation of the country when they came, the average citizen was only taught to read and speak their indigenous language only to the level of being able to read and understand the bible. (Urevbu 1984). The indigenous languages are seen as being inferior to English so little attention is being paid to it.
According to a paper titled Vernacular Literacy, Nigerian Pidgin English is placed at the bottom of the hierarchy amongst recognized languages in the country. English as expected is the topmost recognized language, placing it above the indigenous languages of the country. Although Pidgin English is the least recognized because it is considered as the language of the illiterates, it is prevalent across different…

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