The Consequences Of Driving While Texting Essay

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The Consequences of Driving While Texting When was the last time you checked your cellular device? How would you have reacted to a message? Would you check the message while you are driving? Well Most people do, traffic accidents are the highest cause for death, and texting while driving is the reasons why these accidents occur so frequently. Although people have some basic understanding of the risks of driving while texting, they still text anyways. “In the Wall Street Journal, it is a fact that high school students smoke less, but text while driving more.” written by Mike Esterl and “Texting and Driving statistics 2014” written by Burke Speaker, Investor-place Writer, both of this two article explains the facts of just how bad and dangerous it is to text and drive at the same time. Humans are not stupid they understand the consequences of teeing when you are on the drivers seat, not just the lives of the drivers that is put at risk but the passengers and the pedestrians as well. The knowledge of texting while driving should be broadcasted like they do with drunk driving this way teenagers and other drivers will come to recognize that they will get hurt and in serious cases, lose their lives if they do not change their ways. Drunk driving is illegal, and so should texting while driving. Curiosity, and irrational choices cause humans to want to check their social devices. Curiosity is a major or a very important factor to people checking their phone. They want to know…

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