Cyber Bullying: Movie Analysis

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We all live in a world where technology plays a major role in our daily lives. Whether that is a good thing or not it is what we have to deal with now. It has diverse aspects that can affect people differently based on how people come to face them. It in many way has helped out most of to be able to connect to each other whether we are near or far apart. That is where is seems to benefit most of us, but it still has flaws that come from it such as bullying and depression.
It tends to be the perfect platform for people to spread their ideas of hate towards others without them being put out their on the spot. Which results in you having cyber bullying occur. Cyber bullying is where you use technology to harass others and cause them to feel some form of pain or discomfort. There are many platforms in which people can use to do that such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yik Yak, Snapchat, and etc. They all have their strong suites which allows them to vary in how they can hurt others if that is wanted to be to done through them. If you look at how Yik Yak is used it literally is an anonymous thread posting app. If you look at it you can basically talk about people near you without ever having anyone know it was you doing that. In the
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Just how that movie displays a possible outcome for how said events of bullying may end up it gives us a perspective which might not see all the time in bubble of the world that we live in. If you take time and to try to rationalize why someone would ever attempt suicide we get some form of feeling of discomfort. Which to say the least is a good thing because if you don’t understand that something is wrong, then there is no way that you can help that person. We need to first need to understand that more than like that person is depressed which is a lot more common than one would

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