The Negative Consequences Of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

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Did you ever think that, in addition to enhancing your appearance, make-up could have ugly consequences? The make-up you choose could affect various aspects of life. Cruelty-free cosmetics is make-up that is not tested on animals. The use of animals for experiments is traceable to an Arabic doctor in the second century, who first carried out surgical procedures on animals before employing them on man (Franco, 2013). Initially, the experiments were intended for the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of living things and animals. Recently, the purpose of animal testing has moved from the study of the body to the study the chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics. These tests intend to determine if the products pose any danger …show more content…
Consumers should avoid products which are tested on animals because the animals used for these experiments are exposed to pain and other degrading treatment, which reduces the quality of their lives and can lead to death, thus violating ethical standards. To cause suffering and death to a living organism is one of the most hideous offenses among humans. The poor treatment to animals being used for testing cosmetics is responsible for the moral corruption of the industry. Kolar (2006) refers to the nature of the animal use in the assessment of cosmetics as “painful and distressing” and states that the laws that are in place are not sufficient to prevent the suffering of animals in the course of these experiments. The laws in place now are in the hands of ethics committee members whose opinions may be bribed to overlook violations. It is only possible for the industry to function this way because of the purchasing of non-cruelty free cosmetics. Once people are aware of such unethical treatment, many want to switch to the ethical behavior of purchasing cruelty-free make-up. Additionally, in the cosmetics industry, the gains made from the use of animals in experiments are not worth the suffering which is endured by the animals (Cole, 2015). The purpose of the cosmetics industry is to help people accomplish validation of themselves from their appearances. This reason is not enough to justify the injuries, disabilities, and loss of life faced by animals. The vanity of the human race is not worth the life of any

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