Perry's Developmental Theory

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Psychologist such as Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget have shown how humans learn and develop throughout the life span (Berger, 2014). A lot of cognitive developmental theories, however, seem to put much focus and emphasis on the early years of life, such as childhood, and then decline on the amount of analysis and information in later life stages such as emerging adulthood and adulthood. Around emerging adulthood when going to college is a valid choice, does any cognitive development happens due to going to college? Around the 1950s and 1960s, William G. Perry, Jr. (1999) conducted a longitudinal study of university students going through their four years of education through a series of interviews and created Perry’s theory of intellectual development …show more content…
xliii). This is very different from the study I conducted myself, which is part of the late Millennials and other generations since in current community colleges you can meet different people as present in my data. In the “Silent Generation”, it was a time of “most unsilent times of activism, protest, reform, involvement, and confrontation- both peaceful and violent” (Perry, 1999, p. xliii). World War Two just finished and other wars were started to brew up the public’s attention. In the current year, we now live in the fear of terrorism ever since the attacks of September 9, 2001. Sure the United States is at a somewhat peaceful state right now, but we are experiencing something different than what those people did during the 1950s and …show more content…
These nine positons are broken down into three groups: Positons 1-3 are called Dualism, Positions 4-6 are Relativism, and Positions 7-9 are Commitments (Perry, 1999). So where do students start off or end in Perry’s Scheme? Basically, first year students start of in the Dualistic, and as they go through their college career, they move onto the Relativism and then finally Commitment positions (Perry, 1999). This paper will go into a bit more detail of each position for the sake of understanding and why it is relevant to even consider the scheme as valid or to use

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