The Consequences Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a crime that happens throughout the world and needs to be stopped because the children that are getting abused are the future of the world. When kids experience any type of abuse they will always have that memory and it could possibly affect their lives in the future. “Parents or care-givers are the primary source of safety, security, love, understanding, nurturance and support. Child abuse violates the trust at the core of a child’s relationship with the world. When the primary relationship is one of betrayal, a negative schema or set of beliefs develops” (Child Abuse Has Many Potential Impacts). There are four types of child abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. Child abuse should never happen to a child because …show more content…
Kids grow up learning how to interact with people from their parents and they overhear everything the parents have said to other people which can lead to them thinking that it is okay for them to say and do it also. Kids will always be kids, which means they will be loud and destructive. The parent has to discipline them effectively and not through violence. “It is better to deny children, privileges when they do something unacceptable, as well as reward them when they do something good. This teaches children that there are consequences for their actions (Child physical abuse).” Beating on kids makes them scared of the parents and causes them to treat other kids the way that they were treated, not knowing that it isn’t okay. The parent makes them stand in a corner, take certain privileges away or taking their favorite possessions away from …show more content…
Child abuse should not be getting away with so easily because they have not learned their lesson or realized what they have done wrong. Children that are physical and emotional damaged during child abuse will never go away from the child’s mind. They will be afraid of a lot of things when they get older and will not be able to trust other adults. As a nation, we should work together to stop all the child abuse and give the abusers harsher punishments. The kids are the world’s future and child abusers will continue to ruining their life. Child abuse should be sentence to twenty to forty years in jail and child molesters should be sentenced to the death

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