Effects Of Child Abuse Essay

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Children have always been vulnerable, due to their size, innocence, and lack of knowledge of the world surrounding them. Historically, children were sometimes used to work in factories, which is something that would seem unthinkable today. We have come a long way when it comes to how we value our children and to what they really represent in our society.
In the 1900’s during the industrial revolution, children were excessively used in factories, where they worked for long hours and for very low pay. This was the time were parts of the world, like for instance, Great Britain and America were marked by a new economic dynamic, where new technologies and inventions came to be and at the same time contributed to improving the lives of people in these communities. It is during these times that the first automobile was created, a medical breakthrough like the vaccine against diphtheria by Louis Pasteur was also announcing the great years to come, and the list can go on. Overall, this was a time, when great discoveries were made and yet, the welfare of children was overlooked and sacrificed for the sake of all
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They do not only affect those who are the victims of such abuse, but they also affect their communities. Direct consequences of child abuse range from a physical, psychological, cognitive and behavioral nature. The physical consequences of child abuse count minor injuries, severe injuries such as brain damage and sometimes death. The psychological consequences are characterized by a child suffering from what is called chronic low self-esteem and sometimes severe dissociative states. The cognitive consequences of child abuse range from attentional problems, learning disorders to severe organic brain syndromes. The behavioral consequences are characterized by poor peer relations (or difficulty in socializing) and excessive violent behaviors. They will all be discussed with more details throughout the

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