The Consequences Of Alcoholism And Binge Drinking Essay

705 Words Dec 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout the media, college is portrayed as a massive party in general. There are many examples of this within the news, movies, on the internet, and on television. Do college students actually party and drink as much as these outlets portray? According to these outlets, students only party and drink; they never study. Though, from experiences and research, this has proven to be untrue.
According to Research it is said that on smaller campuses, where everyone knows everyone, students may feel more confident in their judgement of others’ drinking, because they are more familiar with a larger whole of the total student population. Underage drinking is also a cause of greater risk of developing future alcohol problems such as, alcoholism, depression, anxiety and general health issues. Binge Drinking can also cause stress to the human body, such as, kidney damage, liver damage and brain damage. It is said that college kids often overlook the consequences of alcoholism and binge drinking because they are too careless to realize. Statistical data show that every year, around, 5,000 people below the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking. Many of the deaths (1900) are caused by motor vehicle crashes, but another fair portion (1600) are cause of homicides, 300 are driven by suicides, and the others result from injuries from falling, burns and other accidents. It is said that Movies and the media influence students’ perspective on college. Within the media college is…

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