The Consequences Of Abortion

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Do you find murder justifiable? For many years, there has been a dispute over whether abortion is right or wrong. There are many different side effects; good and bad. People all over the world struggle with contraceptives; especially teenagers. Many people have sex when they are not ready to have a child. Yet, some of those people end up pregnant. When a mother or a couple is not ready to have a child, they have a few options; adoption, abortion, foster care, etc. Many women go with abortion so they do not have to go through the pregnancy and birth of that child. Merriam Westers definition of abortion is “ a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus” There are various types of procedures done to abort a baby. …show more content…
There are two different procedures for abortion; surgical and a pill. Having surgery for abortion can be extremely dangerous. Surgery can result in cervical damage. To perform the surgery, the cervix must be stretched open which can cause the uterine wall to rip and tear cervix muscles. Many teenage women who have gotten abortions, are more likely to have cervical damage because their cervixes are not fully developed. So, if a woman who has an abortion has a weak cervix, that may lead to an “incompetent cervix”. That woman’s cervix might not be able to carry the weight of another child in another pregnancy. Also, the surgical procedures can lead to infection. Iva Gutowski, author of Effects of Surgical Abortion, explains how infections are rare but if the infection is untreated, it can harm reproductive organs. Iva says that bleeding is another effect of the surgical procedure. Bleeding after abortion is common and should last for up to three weeks after the abortion. If the bleeding is excessive and lasts longer than three weeks following the surgery then that means there was an injury during the surgery; which is called hemorrhaging. Iva says “it may be fatal if left untreated”. The failure to terminate the fetus is also a possibility. It is usually seen in early abortions but it is very …show more content…
Some of the long term effects include breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Also the risk of having a premature baby, miscarriages and placenta previa. Death is also a possibility. Erika Bachiochi mentions in her article, that there is a link that connects abortion to breast cancer. Erika says that a “full-term pregnancy” before a woman is thirty-two-years-old, prevents breast cancer. Research shows that teenagers who have an abortion before they are eighteen-years-old and have a family history of breast cancer, are more likely to develop breast cancer. Recently, a nineteen-year-old woman filed a lawsuit against a clinic in Portland, Oregon. She professed that the clinic she went to for an abortion did not let her know the link between abortion and breast cancer. The patient specific on her forms that she had a family history of breast cancer (Bachiochi 1). Breast surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi stated “the same biology that account for ninety percent of all risk factors for breast cancer account for the abortion-breast cancer link” (Bachiochi 1). Data shows that thousands of women are injured yearly from complications after the surgery. “The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention approximates that one woman in one hundred thousand dies from complications associated with first trimester abortions” (Bachiochi

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