The Consequences And Effects Of Cheating In College Students

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A recent study has shown that in 1940, 20% of college students have admitted to cheating in their exams, but now, there is up to 80% drastic increase. Cheating in exams happens on a daily basis, not just in schools, but also in colleges. Students opt to cheat academically, as it is an easier way out of studying or managing their time for school work. Students think that cheating is not an issue as they do not think about the consequences of cheating. Some results of cheating in exams include lowering one’s self-respect and confidence, tendency to continue cheating, punishments and risk in the future.
Starting off, cheating would affect a person’s reputation as people would consider him or her untrustworthy and this in turn affects the person's
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A study has shown that people tend to cheat from middle school onwards. This habit would continue in high school, college, at the job and so on. They continue to take advantage of every chance to cheat until they are caught. When they get caught, they might face big problems, which are far way worse than getting low grades in exams or assignments. For instance, if a student gets caught copying or cheating in an exam, the professor would fail them in the course which will end the student in academic probation. The professor also has the ability to get him or her expelled and this would be on their record permanently. As a result, even if you try registering in other universities or school, they would not accept as they would see the unacceptable intentional actions mentioned in the records. Moreover, even if the student starts working hard and receive best result, it would still be difficult for him or her to obtain awards, scholarship and grants. Thus, there are huge consequences when one gets caught …show more content…
When a company hires employees, they go through the employee’s CV to get an overview about the employee's knowledge by the grades and qualifications. If you have cheated in most of the exam, the CV has no value then, it is a piece of paper filled with lies as you did not actually earn the skill or knowledge. Also, individual would face difficulty if the company gives at the spot test to exam the individual’s capability. Even if you get the job, you would not be able to tackle issues and problems faced by the company because you lack the knowledge and skills. Thus, it is vital to work hard as there is no better place to practice and learn than while you are studying or earning an education. Moreover, creativity level would weaken every time they copy or plagiarize someone else's work. The ability to be creative plays an important role for a better future. Creativity is valuable as you should be able to stand out of the crowd and come up with different and unique

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