The Argument In Favor Of Gun Control In The United States

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There is a huge debate about gun control and there most likely will be until a compromise is reached. Gun control consists of the government taking away or altering the rules for the guns of the citizens. Some suggestions for gun control are complete removal, extreme background checks, and altering the laws so it is nearly impossible to possess or trade firearms. Gun control laws should be altered and be re-voted to only affect the modifications, use, and the background checks to possess firearms. This compromised change will make it able to own a firearm after strict background check, and to hunt with firearms if the right permits are in order. “Over the past century, all types of gun control laws have been implemented in different parts of …show more content…
Background checks like NICS will help decrease public shootings by weeding out potential gun owners with criminal backgrounds. Also those with mental diseases that should not be trusted with a firearm; however, there have been many mentally ill people who were able to legally obtain or gain access to firearms. By instituting background checks and training people how to keep their guns safe and secure and when and how to use them responsibly would be sufficient to deter the problem of public shootings. Many pro gun control people’s way of lowering firearm related crimes is by removing them. People for gun control say that if we remove guns completely there will be no gun crimes. The complete removal of guns would not do much to help, it will be like prohibition and the firearms won 't completely go away. If a criminal still wants to own a gun to commit a crime they will find a way. In 1919, Prohibition was marketed as a solution to crime, alcoholism, and violence against women. Supporters believed it was the beginning of a golden age and that the alcohol ban would radically transform society for the good. Just like prohibition, gun control will radically transform American society, only not in the way the supporters want. Rather, the result of prohibition was more alcoholism, the beginning of organized crime and a wave of violence like never seen before in America. Instead of a golden era, Prohibition unleashed one of the most violent and crime-ridden ages in American history. The same will happen with gun control, there will be the equivalent of a speakeasy but instead of booze, guns galore. Just like the current riots in Ferguson, Missouri, if all the firearms are suddenly removed there will be riots and deaths in the hundreds of

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