The Cons And Consequences Of The Iraq War

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To fully understand the Iraq War, one must analyze the benefits of the war, fatalities of the war, and costs of the war. Is America winning or losing the war? How many soldiers did we deploy and how many died? How much money did we spend? Who is Saddam Hussein? How has iraq suffered from the war ? How has the U.S. suffered from the war? What did we really get? These are all questions the American people want to know, but can’t seem to find the answer too. The Iraq war was the reaction to one of the worst days in American history. September 11. 2001 an Islamic extremist group called Al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out multiple attacks against the united states and its citizens. The most remembered moment was when two of the four …show more content…
Since 2001 over 1.5 million different military personnel have been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Due to these great advances in technology injuries that was once fatal are not anymore, and soldiers are actually able to survive some of these once fatal injuries. Since the beginning of the war (3/19/03) there has been a total of 4493 deaths but 3528 of the 4493 happen in combat the rest happen after they returned to the united states.There were 103 Navy soldiers killed, and of that 103 19 were killed in accidents not related to the war.The Army have sent about 250,000 soldiers to iraq and 622 have been killed in battle.There has been about 37,000 National Guard members sent to iraq, and 140 have died. There have been 468 marine deaths since the start of the war all the way till 2005.

How much money did we spend on the war? The U.S. war in iraq has cost the U.S. and its taxpayers more than 1.7 trillion dollars. Every hour, taxpayers in the united states are paying 117,035 dollars for cost of war in iraq. Also there is an extra 490 billion owed in benefits to war veterans that eventually will reach 6 trillion dollars over the next 4 decades.

Who was Saddam

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