The Connection Between Man And Nature And Poetry Of Matthew Arnold By Matthew Arnold

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Matthew Arnold is a poet best remembered by his sophisticatedly reasoned critical poems and essays. His themes are modest and simple, while simultaneously being touching and emotional. Matthew didn’t apply complicated concepts to his poems, he used unpretentious themes such as faith, love, and nature. And that’s precisely where he excelled at, he managed to write about simple and popular topics while striking the reader where it counts, feelings. But there’s one theme that Arnold paid close attention to, respected, even admired it. Matthew used a variety of natural allegories throughout his writings. The connection between man and nature in Arnold’s poetry, is superbly displayed in a sea of tranquility. It represents everything that is constant, genuine, and pretty. He observed nature and its …show more content…
The poem is based on a small lake located in Southeast England, possibly one of the places where Arnold privately enjoyed seeing nature. Line one states: ‘’A region desolate and wild’’, an obvious and direct reference to the theme of nature. Additionally, it also has the tone of loneliness, a tone Matthew is famous for using. The words: lonely and single (Lines 3, 4, and 16) set the mood for the poem. Hints of nature, while subtle, are extremely effective, and form the theme of the poem. Hayeswater is the most direct tribute made by Arnold to nature, being solely written with the intention of describing a spectacular location. His use of simile: ‘’welters like a human thing’’ (Line 7), emphasizes Arnold’s high regard for natural landscapes. Repeating the use of simile in ‘’lonely as a truant child’’, Arnold manages to tie in his theme of nature with his renowned tone of isolation. This style of bleeding ideas, could be considered to be a link between Modernism and Romanticism. Since he wants to show through his poems that nature should be accepted as a

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