The Conjurer Ran Off With The Dish By Naguib Mahfouz Essay

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Growing up is hard work. Along the way, emotional adults achieve the profound awareness that they do not know, far more than what they do know. In the reading “The Conjurer Ran Off With The Dish” written by Naguib Mahfouz. The story simply talks about a young boy’s innocence and how he needs parental guidance and protection. However, the young boy discovers life as he proceeds through places and experiences when his mother sends him on an errand to get some beans. Thus, when the boy comes back empty handed from the errand he is either threatened with or actually experiences physical retribution from his mother. In the article “Growing Up” by Chuck Rogers. He say’s that growing up requires us our accepting truths that the younger us was in denial. Because the path to maturity as no end. Maturity means cherishing the quiet moments as much as the thrills. Part of being mature is having the humility to realize that you too might, be in someone else’s less advantageous spot, and that therefore they should be judged less harshly for whatever they have done or whatever has happened to them, or perhaps not judged at all. A person tends to grow but maturity does not end. Furthermore, the boy growing up experiences can either break him or make him. I believe in chastising a child, however the boy has no guidance nor has he matured.
Many milestones mark the way to adulthood. The young boy in the story was experiencing some difficult times every time he would go get the beans. I feel as…

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