The Conglomerate Entrepreneur Essay

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The Conglomerate Entrepreneur The function of a family is to teach children morals as they are raised. Entrepreneurship is often an overlooked trait that is deeply rooted in family values. An entrepreneur is defined as “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money” (Merriam-Webster). Not everyone is meant, or is willing, to be one, but most successful entrepreneurs have a lot of their good habits originating from their childhoods. Therefore, parents should give opportunities and promote entrepreneurship if their child is one of the few people cut out to be an entrepreneur.
Both of the people I interviewed, Hank Gray and Babe Hyett, were entrepreneurs. Hank Gray was in search of a long-term career when he was offered to buy-out a machine shop from an older man. Hank accepted the offer, which lead to him developing Gray Machine and Welding. The business has not only provided a great career for him, but also for his son who now manages the company. When I asked Hank what his family contributed to his success, he said his father taught him how to work, be responsible, and be honest. These traits he held true to and his business has grown over the years by word of mouth. Hank is a good example of a person who did his best at everything, and as a result, never had to look for work after he started his business. I personally have taken on entrepreneurial tasks. Last winter, an insurance company asked my father if he would be interested in…

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