The Confucian School Of The United States Era Of China Essay

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The Warring states era of China gave birth, to what is now considered to be, the doctrine from which Chinese education, government and social constructs can trace their origins to. The Confucian school of thought is observed by many to be the foundation of what Chinese dynasties, post the warring states era, formed their empires and the key elements of their cultures that contributed to their success. Confucius himself did not hold a significant position of authority and was only appointed the, ‘minor position of governor of a town,’ (Dubs., 1946, pp.272-276) however, he would later be considered the father of the doctrine; on ruling in China. His Machiavellian style of teaching gave sovereigns a complex and intricate plan for ruling effectively that was influenced from views that Chinese culture had held since its infancy. The emphasis of Heaven and divine intervention, that features in Confucian teaching, are views that are shared amongst many Chinese theories such as Mohism.

Mo Zi, who lived during the era of Confucius and was schooled in the Confucian model of society, found particular views to be in correlation with that of Confucius however, “came to vehemently oppose it for what he saw as its aristocratic elitism, preoccupation with ritual, over-elaborate musical performances and advocacy of partiality,” (Cua, 2002, p.453). There is no denying the vast impact the Confucian dogma has had in shaping modern day China, nevertheless it is the opinion of many that Mohist…

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