The Conflicts Of Healthcare Organization And The Ways The Manager Implement The Same By Conducting A Survey

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Conflicts are seen in almost all the organizations. In health care organization where physicians, nurses and technologists work under stressful condition that conflicts can easily arise. The article that I have selected for this paper discusses about the conflicts that are seen in healthcare organization and the ways the manager implements in resolving the same by conducting a survey. The author selected few employees from two rural Midwestern hospitals (Nebraska) and conducted a survey on job satisfaction based on their relationship with supervisors and other managers. The survey was conducted to collect data from the hospital after receiving approval from the respective human resource department and the department officials granted to reveal the results publicly. The survey of Hospital A was conducted by the third party while, in case of B it was administered and tabulated internally. Hospital A had 1100 and the other with 150 employees. The survey of hospital A was conducted in 2007 while B was in 2006. The questionnaire contained about 31 questions for hospital A and 39 for hospital B. About 97% of the subjects have participated in hospital A while B had only 50%. The difference in the participation varies in both group since Hospital B was not provided with any department level incentives. The questions were based on 1) association with their supervisors 2) leadership, education and planning 3) job satisfaction. The survey was scaled from one…

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